Taste Of The Place cookbook

Taste Of The Place e-cookbook PDF

Authentic recipes from real kitchens around the globe

Taste Of The Place e-cookbook PDF


This delicious collection of tasty regional recipes, intriguing cultural tidbits, and drool-worthy photos will tempt you to embark on a culinary journey!

Each chapter is filled with beautiful and sensual memories, like the smell of roasting coffee and the perfume of baking bread on a cool Italian morning; cultural highlights, such as the reason Romanians from Bucovina add potatoes to their polenta; insights into deeply rooted traditions, like the origins of the famous Argentine asado; and, of course, scrumptious recipes, many of which, like the South African bobotie, have been handed down for generations.

So grab your skillet! We are heading to the kitchen to explore the world!


  • Enjoy over 50 authentic, regional recipes from real kitchens around the globe, each accompanied by beautiful, full-color photos.

  • Each regional chapter explores what makes the food from that area so special.

  • Gain personal insights into the culinary cultures of 13 different parts of the world.

  • The areas of the world we will explore together – Argentina, China, Curaçao, Czech Republic, India, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Romania, South Africa, Cornwall in the United Kingdom, The Midwest United States, and The Southwest United States.

  • Bobotie lovers – the Taste Of The Place cookbook includes a full meal to go with your bobotie, including a zingy curried fish, classic yellow rice with raisins, and a decadent malva pudding for dessert.

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