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About Julie A. Cockburn

Authentic recipes from real kitchens around the globe

Julie A. Cockburn from Taste Of The Place

Julie A. Cockburn is the main lady at Taste Of The Place. She is a food blogger, cookbook author, and website builder. She and her husband call the beautiful mountain foothills of North Central Washington state home. When not in the kitchen or at the computer, you can find her helping out at her local church or trail running in the hills near her home.

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I hold a degree in Russian Language and Literature from the University of Washington.

I was a Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Super Ambassador.

I self-published my first cookbook, “Taste Of The Place, Authentic recipes from real kitchens around the globe”. The cookbook was a collaborative effort, with recipes and stories contributed by food professionals from around the world.

Not food- or travel-related, but still worth sharing – I completed a 50k trail run in 2017 near Spokane, Washington.

My work

I spent many years working as a server and bartender in high-end restaurants and resorts.

One of my last jobs as an employee was with Whole Foods Market, where I worked in the Specialty Department (wine, beer, cheese, chocolate, tea, and all the fun stuff). I spent a short time as the Specialty Department tea buyer.

In recent years, I have used the skills I’ve developed in building my own websites to launch a website design business for clients, called Julie A. Cockburn Website Design.

A few fun facts about me…

I am a Pacific Northwest girl at heart and currently live in the beautiful community of Wenatchee, Washington.

Once upon a time, I was a yoga teacher, and even briefly had my own yoga TV show.

I love trail running. It makes me feel free as I explore gorgeous wilderness areas with just the power of my own two feet.

I grew up playing the piano, and can remember knowing how to read music before I could read words – but I’m still petrified of performing for people. (I’m working on it though! One day I will perform confidently! 😉 )

My hair is naturally curly – and I love it!

My major in college was Russian language and literature, and I lived in Russia for 9 months during college.

Even though I am an introvert, I thrive in front of the camera and have worked from time to time as a professional on-camera spokesperson and actress.

If you couldn’t guess by now, I love food with an interesting story, and really enjoy sharing it with other people.

Julie Cockburn with the Taste Of The Place cookbook