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About Taste Of The Place

Authentic recipes from real kitchens around the globe

Hello friends! Welcome to Taste Of The Place, where you can find lots of international and regional recipes, regional food highlights, cultural culinary insights, and food travel tidbits. Here at Taste Of The Place, my mission is to help you experience the world through food. I hope you’ll join me on the delicious journey!

The idea for Taste Of The Place started one magical evening on the Oregon Coast. Enjoying a meal I had prepared with local seafood and a beautiful Oregon wine, I realized that every meal has the potential to tell the story of a place. Inspired by this realization, I decided to combine my love of food, with my interest in culture and travel, to create this site.

About Julie A. Cockburn

Julie A. Cockburn is the main lady at Taste Of The Place. She is a food blogger, cookbook author, and website builder. She and her husband call the beautiful mountain foothills of North Central Washington state home. When not in the kitchen or at the computer, you can find her helping out at her local church or trail running in the hills near her home.

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