Flavorful and exotic spices, mouthwatering photos, creative and delicious recipes, inspiration and ideas – these are a few of my favorite things! And the beautiful new cookbook, Spice To Plate, from Savory Spice Shop has them all!


I was so excited to learn that Savory Spice Shop had produced its first cookbook (hopefully the first of many). I’m lucky enough to have one of their shops in my town. I love stepping into the comfortable space, the walls lined with hundreds of spices, herbs, and blends – some familiar and cozy like cinnamon and vanilla, some mysterious and unknown like Baharat and Za’Atar. Savory Spice Shop is sometimes called a cook’s paradise, for good reason! Every item is fresh and flavorful, the staff is extremely knowledgable, and chances are good that you will find the exact spice that you need, even for the most exotic recipes.

But Savory Spice Shop isn’t just for the occasional exotic flavor – they specialize in making everyday cooking more extraordinary. The spice experts at Savory headquarters have come up with a collection of perfectly balanced, exceptionally delicious blends that, with just a dash or two, can turn a boring and bland meal into a fun-to-eat and flavorful feast.

It’s these spice blends that are the foundation for Spice To Plate. 30 + recipes are built around 10 signature blends, each accompanied by gorgeous photography, practical tips, and ideas to inspire your own culinary creativity.

In the short time that I have had my copy, I’ve tried just a couple recipes. This was a tough decision – they all sound amazing! How to choose between Portabello Sandwich with Coffee Aioli, Potato Parsnip Soup with Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, or Beer Battered Fish Tacos with Curry Crema, to name just a few options?

I finally decided on trying the Savory Ginger Squares featuring the Bohemian Forest European Style Seasoning, and one of the bonus side dish recipes, Roasted Brussels Caesar Salad featuring one of my all time favorite spices, smoked paprika.

 Savory Ginger Squares


I happen to be munching on one of these tasty little bites as I write. Well described in the book as “a savory, chewy adult gingerbread, ” they are sightly sweet, scented with a hint of garlic (yes, garlic! It works surprisingly well!), and accented with zingy bits of ginger. These may be the perfect cookie – savory enough to be eaten as an appetizer, yet sweet enough to enjoy as a satisfying after dinner treat.

As suggested in Spice To Plate, wow your guests during your next dinner party by serving the Savory Ginger Squares alongside an after dinner cheese plate. Sounds divine to me!

Roasted Brussels Caesar Salad


The Roasted Brussels Caesar Salad is one of three bonus side dish recipes in Spice To Plate. Hardy brussels sprouts are accented with the flavors of smoked paprika and zingy lemon, and brought together in a perfectly creamy dressing.

This is one of those salads that gets better if the flavors have time to mingle, making it perfect for entertaining. It’s going on my Thanksgiving menu for sure! Serve it up as a healthy entree salad, or pair it with a juicy steak. Yumm!

For me, a great cookbook is a source of inspiration. It’s a place I can turn to for ideas, hints, techniques, and, of course, great recipes. Spice To Plate is one of those great cookbooks, and it’s going to have a special place in my collection.

If you want to expand your culinary repertoire with creative and mouthwatering recipes, while exploring the exotic world of spices, then I recommend you find a place for Spice To Plate in your collection, too. Grab a copy at your local Savory Spice Shop, or online at


PS – It’s spiral bound! How cool is that?! No need to try and prop your cookbook open with random cans of food while you are cooking. Love it! 😉