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Pika – Pickled Onions and Chilies from Curaçao

Spicy, tangy, and fresh, these pickled onions and chilies from Curaçao, also known as Pika, are simple to make and the perfect addition to stews, meats, and sandwiches!

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Easy Quinoa Risotto from Argentina

Quick, easy, creamy, and dreamy – this quinoa risotto from Argentina comes together in a snap. It’s lighter than a traditional risotto, but loaded with flavor and super satisfying – perfect for an easy weeknight meal!

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Grandma Millie’s Cucumber Salad

This flavor packed cucumber salad recipe comes from the Midwest of the United States. No boring salads here! The combo of cucumber, onion, yogurt, and vinegar makes a for a zingy, yet refreshing appetizer or side dish.

Eton Mess

This is a dessert from England, and the story goes that it originated at Eton College where it was served at the annual cricket match against the pupils of Harrow School. A lovely embellishment of the story says it was invented when a dog, specifically a Labrador, happened to sit on a strawberry pavlova during a match, crushing the meringue. The cricket players didn’t care a bit, and happily ate the crushed meringue and strawberries! Whatever the true story – it’s delicious!

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