One of the best restaurant experiences I’ve had was at a beautiful cafe just down the street from the Tower of London. I wish I didn’t have to travel 5,000 miles to visit!

Brasserie Blanc is a small chain of exquisite restaurants in England. My hubby and I stopped in to the Tower of London location on a cold, rainy morning for a simple breakfast. We were warmly greeted by our server – a young French man, who provided us with the most professional, yet warm service I’ve experienced in many years. We were just there for breakfast, yet we felt we were enjoying a fine dinner at an upscale restaurant.

Charley (my hubby) had a doppio macchiato (the real deal, mind you – none of this Starbucks foo-foo macchiato stuff!), and a poached egg Florentine. I had a hot chocolate, accompanied by a pain au chocolat.

Who would have thought that such a simple breakfast could be so divine! The egg was perfectly poached with a rich, yet delicate hollandaise.

Poached egg Florentine at Brasserie Blanc

The macchiato – exceptionally well balanced with a dollop of expertly foamed milk.

Macchiato Brasserie Blanc

The hot chocolate was exactly how I like it – with barely a hint of sweetness.

Hot Chocolate at Brasserie Blanc

And the pain au chocolat (essentially a croissant with chocolate), was flakey, buttery, and, like my beverage, kissed with just a hint of sweetness. Perfect! (Sorry the photo of this one isn’t so great – I was really excited to eat it! Do notice that gorgeous square of butter and divine selection of jams and marmalade hiding out in the background!)

Pain au chocolat

If you find yourself in the London area, be sure to stop in to Brasserie Blanc (, and be prepared for a dining experience well worth remembering!