In a sleepy coastal town, tucked into a weathered building with an ocean-themed paint job, is a little hole in the wall restaurant with some of the freshest and tastiest seafood around. If I didn’t know better, I would probably overlook the Luna Sea Fish House. Campy decorations, plastic table clothes, and weather stained windows are usually things that don’t draw me in to an eating establishment.

Fortunately, my hubby and I took a chance, and ventured into the Luna Sea years ago, and it’s become a must-stop destination every time we visit the Central Oregon Coast town of Yachats.

Enter the Luna Sea!

Luna Sea epitomizes the meaning of Taste Of The Place. It is owned by a local fisherman, and stocked with fish that he and his crew caught earlier that day. If you want a taste of the Oregon coast, this is the place to go!

Although by no means a trendy, showy, we-are-going-to-call-ourselves-sustainable-to-attract-the-crowds restaurant (don’t be surprised to see packaged oyster crackers, plastic cups, and a few mass-produced condiments on the table), quality and sustainably raised and harvested foods fill the menu – from the Oregon coast fish, to the locally roasted coffee, to specialty fish shipped in from other regions, to grass fed, artificial-hormone free beef.

Luna Sea menu

Both a fish monger and a restaurant, Luna Sea is a great destination to pick up fantastically fresh fish to grill up for your own dinner, or a perfect place to stop for a quick and tasty meal out.

Luna Sea fish case

Fresh fish in the Luna Sea case. They will cut it to order, and put it on ice for you.

When we stop in for lunch, my husband always gets the New England style clam chowder (Manhattan is available if you prefer), and I always get the fish and chips.

Luna Sea clam chowder

The clam chowder is creamy and rich, without becoming heavy and thick, with flavors of butter, simple seasonings, and of course, fresh clams. The potatoes are perfectly cooked – tender yet firm, and the clams are delicate and flavorful – firm but not chewy, and tasting of the ocean but not overpowering – exactly what you would hope for from a clam!

Fish and chips

Luna Sea offers an array of different types of fish and chips, but I usually go for the fresh ling cod (the price is nice, and I really enjoy the light flavor and flakey texture). You can order the fish and chips with the fish grilled, but really, why would you? Fish and chips is ALL ABOUT the fried fish!

The generous portion of fish is beer battered, then fried until it is light and crispy on the outside, and tender and flakey on the inside. The chips, which, just like everything else at Luna Sea, are made in house from scratch, are simple, chunky, golden fries, perfect for dipping into a side of tartar sauce.

On the side is a piece of tasty garlic bread, and fresh, house made coleslaw accented with crunchy cabbage and fresh apples. Yummy!

Luna Sea fish tacos

For this visit, we also decided to try the fish tacos. Flaked fish is wrapped in corn tortillas, along with the house coleslaw, chopped tomatoes, and chunks of fresh avocados. Healthy and full of flavor. Although these weren’t my favorite item on the menu (I tend to like fish tacos with fried fish), they were still quite tasty.

So the next time you find anywhere near Yachats, Oregon, be sure to venture into this little hole in the wall, and order yourself some fresh and tasty fish. In my opinion, Luna Sea is one of the best places to experience a Taste Of The Oregon Coast.


The view of the ocean from the Luna Sea's weathered windows. Love it!

The view of the ocean from the Luna Sea’s weathered windows. Love it!

Luna Sea in Yachats Oregon