Resources for food bloggers, photographers, and videographers

Photography gear

Learning to take better photos

I’m lucky enough to have a professional landscape photographer as a husband who has taught me soooo much about photography. But food photography is full of its own unique challenges. So to help fill in the gaps, I’ve studied two resources, and found them both to be quite valuable…

My video lighting setup

I am a HUGE fan of natural light photography, and take almost all of my photos using natural light.

Trying to shoot videos in natural light is another story! Natural light is constantly changing, which makes it quite a challenge to get even lighting throughout a video shoot. While you can (to some extent), fix lighting issues during editing, I’ve found it takes WAY longer than it does to simply set up a few quality lights in order to shoot consistent footage.

The lights I’ve listed below are new for me, and I’m still experimenting with them – but so far so good! I will update this list as I add to my set up or make any changes. 🙂

PS – Huge thanks to Caleb Pike over at! His recommendations and educational videos have helped me tremendously with setting up my own video studio.

Social media apps

Talk about a love-hate relationship! Social media keeps us connected, helps us make new friends and associates, and makes online business possible for all of us solo-entrepreneurs. But, wow, is it ever hard to wrangle!

While I am nowhere near having a smooth, easy system for social, I have rounded up a couple apps that I like quite a bit and that help make wrangling this monster a bit more feasible.

Website plugins

There are a handful of plugins that have really made my life as a professional food blogger sooo much easier!

In most cases the free version of any of these will do the job, and you’ll only need to upgrade to the premium version if there are specific premium features that you need.

Learning the business of food blogging

There is much more to come! I’ve just begun this resource page, so be sure to check back soon for more. I will be adding website goodies, hosting info, equipment, and more!

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