Cherry Clafoutis
Recipe type: Dessert or sweet breakfast
Cuisine: French
Serves: 8
  • Butter and sugar, for the baking dish
  • 4 eggs
  • ½ cup flour
  • ½ cup sugar
  • Pinch of salt
  • ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract
  • ¼ teaspoon almond extract
  • ½ cup whole milk
  • ½ cup heavy cream (also called heavy whipping cream)
  • 1 pound dark cherries, stems removed, optionally pitted (See notes. I say pit them, but if you are a traditionalist, leave the pits in.)
  • Powdered sugar for garnish, optional
  • Freshly whipped cream or ice cream for serving, optional
  1. Preheat your oven to 375°F.
  2. Generously butter and sugar a 10ish inch, round baking dish (just like you would butter and flour a cake pan). I like using a well seasoned cast iron skillet (mine is 10½ inches), as it has a lovely, rustic feel.
  3. In a medium bowl, briefly whisk the eggs. Sift in the flour, and whisk until smooth. Whisk in the sugar, pinch of salt, vanilla extract, and almond extract until incorporated. Whisk in the milk and heavy cream until everything is well combined. You should have a thin, runny batter.
  4. Scatter the cherries evenly into the baking pan, and gently pour the batter over the cherries. Don't fill the dish more than ¾ full - if you have a smallish baking dish, you may end up with a bit of extra batter. (If so just bake it in its own little dish on the side - call it an extra sweet treat for the cook! ;-) )
  5. Bake the clafoutis at 375°F for 20 minutes, then reduce the heat to 350°F and bake for another 18 to 20 minutes, or until poofed up and browned around the edges.
  6. Remove from the oven and allow to rest for 20 minutes before serving. Don't be alarmed - your clafoutis WILL deflate significantly.
  7. Serve warm, room temperature, or chilled. If you like, dust with powdered sugar just before serving, along with a dollop of freshly whipped cream or a scoop of your favorite ice cream. Yumm!
Cherry clafoutis is traditionally made with un-pitted cherries. The story goes that leaving the pits in adds a more complex, nutty or almond-y flavor. The decision is up to you, but I say go ahead and pit them.
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