If you are new to Australia, or you have lived here your entire life you will know that munching down on fresh, battered, and grilled seafood is a right of passage for all ‘Aussies’. Just journey up the North Coast of New South Wales and you will find yourself spoilt with choice. So to help you on your journey, I have compiled the top four places to grab a bite on the coast.

Fish and chips from


Forster is the place for Seafood, from Oysters to fish to good old fashioned brown bags of chips. Head to Lobby’s for quick and easy hot chips down the mainstreet and some of the best banana fritters you will consume in your life. Or if you’re after the more dirty style of seafood, grab a burger, a crispy chicken wrap or a battered sav (a battered hot dog on a stick – kind of like a corn dog for you folks from the US) from Flying Fish and Chip shop. Looking for the more delicate seafood? Walk along Wallis street towards Lake Street and drop into one of the many oyster shacks on the water. These few places only scrape the surface of the abundance of restaurants, cafes and takeaways that do fresh seafood, so explore the surrounding areas and find your favourite bite.


If you are a squid lover like myself then this is your place. Salty Squid in Newcastle is home to the Salty trio: Morton Bay bugs, squid, and octopus. Or if you fancy yourself with more of a selection grab the Salty King platter with oysters, prawns and more. You will be completely spoilt for choice with the delicious seafood in Newcastle, every one leaves this place with a ‘salty’ smile on their face, and a belly full of some of the best seafood in Australia.

Photo ©Emmy Smith via Creative Commons

Photo credit: Emmy Smith via | licensed under creative commons

Watsons Bay

Doyles is the place to go in Sydney. On the coast and in one of the most picturesque suburbs, Doyles is an institution in the Eastern Suburbs. Either dine in at the restaurant, or grab some tucker to take away. If you opt to dine in expect slightly more expensive prices. If you’re sitting near the wharf you can’t go past the salt and pepper squid, freshly cooked and full of crunchy goodness. Be aware that there are others around who also want your lunch, so make sure to eat up quick and keep an eye out for birds trying to snap some chips.

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Port Macquarie

For a very cheap coastal fish and chip restaurant serving freshly caught Hoki fish, head to Mike’s Fish and Chips. With a great range of options this little place is hailed by the locals as the best in town. With generous servings, and good quality batter this is a great place for a spot of fish on the coast. The only downfall to this great little place is that sometimes orders can take a while, but if this doesn’t worry you head in and grab some delicious local fish!

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Photo credit: Brittany Gaiser via | licensed under creative commons

Article written by Olivia Bourke

Olivia is a traveller, foodie and amateur photographer. Having just come back from a trip to Sri Lanka she is currently inspired, and can’t stop cooking up lentil curries, and okra feasts. Olivia’s love for food has inspired her to book the next big adventure, with bag in tow she will jet off to South East Asia later in the year. Check out her Instagram and blog, for more!

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