Pesto is one of the most versatile and tasty sauces around!

You can purchase prepared pesto just about anywhere, or whip some up fresh in just a couple minutes. Simply whiz together a bunch of fresh basil, some pine nuts (or whatever kind of nuts you happen to have around), a few grates of parmesan, a clove or two of garlic, olive oil and salt. That’s it!

Recently, I received this tasty little jar of pesto, straight from Italy, in my monthly Try The World subscription box. It got me thinking all about the pesto possibilities! Pesto on pasta, pizza, panini? Where else could I use this delicious Italian sauce? Well, I turned to YOU for ideas! Here are some of your best ideas, along with a sprinkling of my own, for using up your pesto!


1. Mira Jarrar from Jordan suggests mixing 1 part pesto with 3 parts sour cream for an amazing dip.

2. Why not try swirling a bit of pesto into your favorite veggie soup or stew? This Italian veggie stew is the perfect candidate!

3. Terri Salminen from The Netherlands says pesto is divine with asparagus, used as a dressing for potato salad, and tossed into rice salad with peas and artichokes.

4. Of course, tossed with pasta is a classic use for pesto! This is my take on a classic pasta dish from the Liguria area of Italy – pasta with pesto, potatoes, and green beans.

5. Samira Rengert from Oman spreads pesto on toast, layered with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella, for a Caprese style sandwich.

6. Any pesto post has to include pizza! Simply use pesto for the sauce, along with your favorite pizza toppings!

7. Amy Baker Wambold from Arizona puts pesto on turkey sandwiches, or over chicken or salmon.

8. Veggie sandwiches are a good choice for a smear of pesto, too!

9. Fathima from Dubai loves pesto on fish skewers or alongside halloumi.

10. Lucia Soltis recommends this tasty recipe for Layered Panigacci (an Italian flat bread) with Pesto and Ricotta HERE.

11. Prachi Grover from Dubai suggests stirring pesto in savory muffins.

12. Last, but certainly not least, pesto stirred into, or dolloped on top of (or both), polenta is simply divine!